Web applications

Front-end modules to the Golemio application – data displaying, GUI control tools, data presentation and tasks over displayed data (graphs, filtering, graphic processing)

Client API Keys Management

A GUI frontend for the public for requests and management of access API keys – user registration and key request, entering and verification of an email address, allocation of a key. Blocking of a key/allocation of a new one.

A web application in React.js.

Client Panel

A web application for displaying data (the source is the Output Gateway of the data platform) and prepared dashboards through external BI tools (Grafana, PowerBI), with setting the authorization of displaying specific data sets. The main element is the map display of data sets. Filtering options of data on the map, displaying graphs, details, and information regarding data.

A web application in React.js.

Permission Proxy Management

A GUI frontend for internal administrators for managing API keys, access roles, access statistics, etc. ACL setting, key blocking, generating a new one for specific endpoints, with new limitations or without them. Setting limitations, rate-limits, adding newly available endpoints (routes).

A web application in React.js.


Source codes of frontend modules are saved in a common NRWL/NX monorepo. Each application is placed in the apps/{application-name} subdirectory:


Here you will find a git repository with complete codes of the module under the MIT license. This repository also serves as a primary source for the operating environment of the Golemio data platform. What we publish, we use ourselves.