Open data & API

The project provides the general public with data that can be used further as Open Data. These data are real-time data, statistical data or code lists, catalogues, and map data.

Access options

  • The open data catalogue of the city of Prague (
    • Exports of data with meta-information about the structure, nature, source, update frequency, contact person, etc.
    • A permanent URL for data sets
    • Cataloguing within NKOD (
  • Public API – Access in real-time to the Golemio data platform

Published data in the OD catalogue

Operator ICT runs a catalogue of open data for the city of Prague, the data published in the Golemio project can be found on

Access to the public API

API Documentation

At this link you can find the complete documentation of our REST API, including the description of individual endpoints and methods, exemplary requests, description of the structure and examples of returning data, request headers and the option of a testing (mock/sandbox) server or generating a code for an API call in various languages (cURL, Node.js, Java, Python,…).



We use a JWT token / a generated API key.

User registration

On the page you can register for free and after an email verification, you can generate an api-key for accessing the API.

Access without registration

Registration is free as well as is the use of open data from the data platform, however, even unregistered users can test the data thanks to a temporary API key.


**WARNING ** - this key has a limited rate-limit and can be revalidated at any time! Its use is recommended only for the purpose of testing.