Permission Proxy

A module for solving access rights and ACL. Checks API key/access data, does authentication and authorization and permits access to the individual endpoints. Stores statistics about the utilization. Designed as a ‘proxy’ because of requirements to the functionality of assigning rights: e.g. on the basis of an API key permits access only to some of the data in the DB (on the level of lines) or adds some parameters (e.g. the limit) to the requirements. Permission Proxy performs a minimum of computing operations for the maximal permeability and speed of forwarding queries. Provides REST API ‘inner’ modules, only builds an authentication layer above them. Realized as a Node.js/Express application. Communication via HTTP(S). Uses Redis for caching.


Here you can find a git repository with complete codes of the module under the MIT license. This repository also serves as a primary source for the operating environment of the Golemio data platform. What we publish, we use ourselves.

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