Platform architecture

Schéma architektury

The following table contains a list of all the information that describes the architecture and the design of the platform from all points of view.

List of documentation

Name Description
System architecture A description of the overall application architecture with the link to subsequent systems. The documentation contains schemes for individual areas in the extent of standard architectonic documentation.
User documentation A document describing the user interface, managing individual elements of the application and the administrator section. Serves for complete training of new workers.
Database A detailed documentation of the database layer.
Operation A complex description of availability monitoring, performance, and safety. A description of the integration into monitoring solutions of a higher level and connecting to service desk solutions of third parties.
Installation Installation documentation for individual sections in the extent of a description of individual steps, to realize the installation of solutions without the support of the supplier or without a deeper knowledge of the installed sections.
Testing Test scenarios, the way of testing and integrative tests for checking the functionality of the application environment during standard use.
Crash Crash scenarios and their solution processes with described impacts on the environment, all according to the required SLA. A description of the most critical situations with possible solution of failures.
Versioning Documentation for versioning of application solutions that describes the principles of version promotions. Processes through operating environments which lead to the deployment of the current version into the production run.
Interface documentation Documentation of all application interfaces between the sections of the system and interfaces which are provided to third parties, including the used protocols, data formats, individual methods, security and the description of the connection of another consumer of the interface.
Programming documentation Used classes, interfaces, structures and modules of the application with a description of the functionality and with the option of using this documentation for the purpose of the current functionality during extension of the application.
Source data documentation A document containing a list of data sources and a way of communicating with them and processing data. Data flow, the form and frequency of data transmission.
Backup A document that describes the way in which data in solutions are being backed up, the frequency, type of backups, strategy of backups, description of a manual backup and a complete description backup recovery.