Golemio Validator Library

Library of Validator classes of the Golemio Data Platform System.

Developed by http://operatorict.cz



Install Node

Install all npm modules using command:

npm install

Compilation of typescript code

To compile typescript code into js one-time

npm run build

or run this, to watch all changes

npm run build-watch

from the application's root directory.


In your project's package.json set dependency to Validator

npm install @golemio/validator --save


yarn add @golemio/validator --save

Then import module, e.g.

import { Validator } from "@golemio/validator";


Logging uses pino for standard logging with levels and debug (https://www.npmjs.com/package/debug) for debugging.

All logs with silly and debug level are printed as standard log (if appropriate log level is set) using pino as well as using debug module with "golemio:validator" settings.

You can set both LOG_LEVEL and DEBUG settings in ENV variables.


For generating documentation run npm run generate-docs. TypeDoc source code documentation is located in docs/typedoc.

Contribution guidelines

Please read CONTRIBUTING.md.


Contact benak@operatorict.cz or vycpalek@operatorict.cz

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